Bayes Education Group Remit


The Bayes Education Group  stimulates, coordinates and partners in the development, marketing and delivery of education-related programmes and projects within the Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) Programme and is responsible for delivery of the Talent objectives of the Bayes business case. It develops proposals for submission to the DDI Programme Board, cascading DDI ambition and priorities into delivery units across the University.


To lead in the development of strong partnerships in skills and training development which enables the University of Edinburgh to be at the forefront of data science and artificial intelligence (DSAI) education, by fostering collaboration across the University and leveraging new opportunities to enhance skills training at all levels in these areas.

  • To contribute to the development and growth of existing DSAI offerings on campus and online undergraduate, postgraduate taught and postgraduate research programmes.

  • To stimulate, contribute and develop new DSAI courses and programmes which contribute to the delivery of, but are not limited to, the DDI Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

  • To facilitate and support new collaborations across the University and industry related to DSAI including additional CPD, Executive Education offerings, and Schools outreach programmes.

  • To stimulate and contribute to new opportunities and new ways of learning via cross-disciplinary engagement, and liaise with other DDI hubs

  • Joint strategic development, oversight, progress monitoring of the portfolio of programmes and projects pertaining to the Talent theme of the DDI Programme, and sharing best practice.

  • Networking and outreach within individual represented units, cascading DDI opportunities to broader communities, and bringing initiatives and priorities from these units to the group.

  • Facilitating access to DDI funding for their respective units via the development of proposals in line with DDI KPIs, and supporting cross-unit information sharing on education matters.

  • Ensuring courses and programmes are aligned with the strategies of Schools and Colleges, the alignment is articulated with key members of the Schools and Colleges, and comply with established University academic oversight and QA processes for education.

Representative Members

Group members have been selected, or nominated, in recognition of their expertise and willingness to contribute to cross-disciplinary opportunities.  Members will:

  • Play a representative role, taking responsibility for the cascade of information back to their home School/College/Unit in order to shape and inform local strategy and engagement with the Bayes Centre.    

  • Contribute to the development of Bayes (and often Data Driven Innovation) related initiatives, working with colleagues to share cross-disciplinary expertise and consider opportunities for further collaboration.

  • Share good practice, in support of DDI objectives assigned to CSE Schools and other cross-disciplinary opportunities.

  • Commit to sharing emerging School/College/Unit strategic priorities, and highlight opportunities for further collaboration.

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Bayes Education Group Meeting (Wednesday, 22 June 2022, 10.30am - 12.00pm)