Biomedical Sciences Learning and Teaching Committee Remit

Purpose and Aim

The Biomedical Sciences Learning and Teaching Committee (BMS-LTC) is responsible for shaping and implementing the learning and teaching strategy for undergraduate and postgraduate teaching in the BMS and BMTO portfolio. The BMS-LTC oversees the quality, breadth and relevance of the UG and PGT portfolios in line with University strategies.


With consideration of University and College strategies, the BMS-LTC aims to:

  • recognise and promote excellence in learning and teaching
  • promote and develop a culture of research-led teaching and learning
  • review programme and course structure to provide the optimal learning and teaching experience for students and staff
  • support innovation and disseminate best practice
  • support development of teaching leadership
  • learn from, and respond to, student, staff and external feedback

Strategies to achieve these aims include:

  • develop and discuss strategy for new courses and programmes
  • discuss and provide feedback on proposals for changes in curricula, assessment procedures or development of new courses/programmes prior to presentation at subsequent Board of Studies
  • review assessment practices, improving feedback on assessment, and promoting innovative and flexible approaches to assessment and feedback
  • promote and disseminate good practice
  • discuss and promote innovations including use of learning technologies
  • support staff training and professional development
  • receive and consider updates from Biomedical Sciences Student Council
  • discuss and develop policy regarding student support
  • make recommendations and take proposals to the Board of Studies/College Learning and Teaching Committee via Teaching Management Executive
  • discuss and respond to recommendations through Quality Assurance and Enhancement activities and consider the annual Quality Assurance and Enhancement report
  • provide advice and support to the Director of Teaching and Dean of Biomedical Sciences
  • advise on BMTO teaching space and infrastructure including website, demonstrators/tutors
  • develop and approve information and documents for publication

The BMS-LTC reports to the Teaching Management Executive and will also consider new course and programme proposals prior to the Board of Studies. Minutes of meetings will be made available on Biomedical Teaching Organisation website.

Frequency of Meetings

Six times per year, to convenve at least one month prior to each Board of Studies.

Previous meeting

Learning and Teaching Committee (June 2022) (Wednesday, 22 June 2022, 3.00pm - 4.30pm)