CSCE College CPAG Remit

​​​Structure and Remit: The core membership of this Group will comprise one Computing Officer per School in CSE (nominated by the HoS), a secretary working as convenor and recorder, and a Chair: a senior CO nominated by the Head of College. 
  • Core members are expected to attend meetings
  • If core members cannot attend, they are asked to provide a porxy who will attend in place of them
  •  - other COs may attend if they wish.
  • The Group may coopt other members of staff, when specific expertise is required.​
  • The Chair of CCPAG will be an ex officio members of CC&ITC. 
  • he secretary will act as Convenor for the Group meetings. -
  • The Chair of CC&ITC has the right of attendance at CCPAG meetings. -
The agenda of the Group is partly self-driven (a means of raising issues and initiating activity) partly referrals from CC&ITC and College. 
Its roles  include provision of: 
  • - technical advice to CC&ITC on specific issues when requested; 
  • - feedback to the CO community from CC&ITC; 
  • - pro-active input to CC&ITC — ranging from unsolicited commentary on matters raised, to identifying new technologies which could be exploited, to providing feedback on the suitability of current (and proposed) technologies and services. -
The Group is asked to provide clear and comprehensible information, and not to get bogged down in technical detail. -
The Group is invited to propose strategic developments and specific, “high-level” issues for attention at College and/or University level, presenting them in a clear and principled way which may enable CC&ITC to progress them at higher levels in the University. 
​SciCOs:  SciCOs  continues to operate in parallel with CCPAG as a technical forum with talks etc.

Previous meeting

Wed, December 6th (Wednesday, 6 December 2017, 2.00pm - 5.00pm)