CHASTE Steering Group Remit

The primary purpose of this Steering Group is to govern the progress of the CHASTE II project. The Steering Group will: (i) give strategic direction to the project, within its overall scope as agreed by the Scottish Funding Council before the project starts; (ii) agree the objectives, targets and outputs proposed by the project team, all to be detailed in the projects operational plan; and any significant changes to these; (iii) monitor progress in achieving the operational plan; (iv) help to ensure that the benefits from the project are appropriately identified, spread and targeted across the college and university sectors; (v) where appropriate, help to effectively disseminate information on the projects objectives within members respective spheres of influence; and (vi) help to guide and champion the project through the prevailing landscape affecting college and university education and advise on feedback to the Scottish Funding Council.

Previous meeting

June 2010 (Wednesday, 23 June 2010, 10.00am - 12.00pm)