City Region Deal Executive Governance Group Remit

​1. Purpose and Role
  1. The City Region Deal Executive Governance Group (CRDEGG) is responsible to the University of Edinburgh for the provision of executive oversight, coordination and decision-making for University involvement in the Edinburgh and South East Scotland City Region Deal.
  2. The CRDEGG has ultimate responsibility to Court for governance of the Data Driven Initiative (DDI).

2. Remit

The remit of the CRDEGG is:
  1. ​Oversight of the DDI Delivery Board.
  2. Oversight of the DDI Programme Operational Board.
  3. Oversight of the development of business cases for each University City Region Deal project and approval of their submission to the University’s governance committees and externally as required.
  4. Executive decision-making on the prioritisation of funding and coordination of the University’s City Region Deal projects and business cases.
  5. Ensuring alignment of the City Region Deal projects with the University Strategic Plan and business planning priorities, including consideration of revenue costs and implications both for and by other University activities and projects and authorising capital source used.
  6. Executive decision-making and oversight of City Region Deal negotiations with external bodies (government, local government, industry, partner universities).
  7. Ensuring the University’s compliance with any regulatory conditions (e.g. legal, financial, policy) in relation to City Region Deal funding.
  8. Oversight of internal and external communications and engagement in relation to the City Region Deal.
  9. Providing reports to the University governance committees, as required.

Previous meeting

CRDEGG meeting (Wednesday, 1 September 2021, 9.35am - 10.55am)