CMVM College Executive Group Remit

Purpose of the College Executive Group
The College Executive Group (CEG) will work with the Head of College in the development of the College strategy and associated plans and objectives, aligned to the University 2030 plan.  CEG will act as the Executive decision making forum for the College and will support the Head of College in ensuring effective governance, operation and management of the College.  It will also develop and oversee short, medium and longer term resource planning in partnership with Schools and Deaneries.
Members of the College Executive Group should act on the principles of transparency, equity and subsidiarity.  The Group will work collaboratively and inclusively.  These principles will be embedded through a variety of actions including:
Transparency - The Group agenda, papers and minutes will be published online, unless confidential
Equity - The Group will review both its membership and decision making processes on an annual basis.  A diversity of views will be actively sought on all papers.
Subsidiarity - The Group will delegate authority to individuals and committees to make decisions at the point they can most effectively be made.
The College Executive Group members are individually and collectively responsible for:
  • The development of the College Strategic Plan and oversight of its implementation
  • College policies, procedures and plans including their implementation and evolution
  • Oversight of College committee structure and activity
  • Strategic financial investment that affects the College as a whole
  • Advising on strategic and resource planning for academic and professional services, including appointment of senior roles and committee convenors
  • Oversight of strategic initiatives
  • Oversight of College level risk management and contingency planning
  • Approve College level reports prior to University Senate committees
  • To receive updates from other University units, projects or committees
  • Oversight of College culture and community development

Previous meeting

18 December 2023 (Monday, 18 December 2023, 2.00pm - 4.00pm)