CMVM PG Management Committee Remit

Purpose of the Committee  

This committee serves as a “hub” overseeing activity across PGR/PGT.  Its aim is to review issues arising across the PGR/PGT portfolio with a particular focus on crosscutting areas of common interest, ensuring that management structure are optimal to address challenges, that there is no unnecessary redundancy in remits of management bodies.  It also serves as the body where strategic challenges to PGR/PGT and the management response to them are discussed, and finally it serves to provide oversight of the PGR budget. 



·      Identify and discuss response to strategic challenges 

·      Ensure operational management through PGT/PGR committees is running smoothly

·      Optimise interface of academic and administrative processes

·      Review of allocation of the PG budget and amendment as required to support priorities 

·      Overview of collaborative activities, recruitment and marketing priorities 

·      Serve as conduit to/from College Strategy Group (for example by verbal reporting or tabled papers)


Important Note: Minutes from relevant committees and working groups will be available, and the agenda will feature brief reports from these, however these should be limited to crosscutting issues or challenges that need addressing by the wider group; the purpose is NOT to replicate discussions in these committees unnecessarily. 



Reports to College Strategy Group, Feeds back to PG Scholarships/Board of Examiners/PG L&T/Marketing & Recruitment/International Committee as required 





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CMVM PG Management Committee (Monday, 16 May 2022, 10.00am - 11.15am)