College Equality and Diversity Committee Remit

The Committee will: 1. Advise the College, and individual Schools, on developing and implementing strategies and action plans regarding equality and diversity. 2. Consider statistics relevant to its work both in relation to staff and students. 3. Consider issues relating to recruitment, retention and progression of staff. 4. Consider issues relating to recruitment, admission and progression of students. 5. Monitor patterns of potentially discriminatory behaviour such as harassment and recommend actions to be taken. 6. Consider issues in relation to disabled people and make appropriate recommendations to College. 7. Consider and respond to issues raised by Student representatives. 8. Make recommendations for equal opportunities training, awareness-raising and implementation within the College. 9. Actively support initiatives designed to promote equality of opportunity within the College. 10. Act as a channel of communication and consultation between the College and Schools for equality and diversity issues, and between the College and the University Equality and Diversity Committee and Equal Opportunities management Board. 11. Develop an annual action plan for its work.

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CSE EDI Committee Meeting (Friday, 10 June 2022, 10.00am - 12.00pm)