Global Academy BSc Management Committee Remit

The responsibilities of the Management Committee shall include, but not be limited to:          

  • appointment of Programme Co-ordinators;
  • making recommendations regarding the tuition fees for the Programmes on an annual basis;
  • developing the Programmes, Course outlines and structure for approval by the Parties;
  • ensuring the appropriate communication of relevant information between Parties;
  • promoting co-ordination between the Parties in the provision of the Programmes;
  • receiving, reviewing and making recommendations on reports on the operation of the Programmes;
  • monitoring and reviewing the delivery of the Programmes at regular intervals (at least twice a year) and reporting via appropriate channels to each Party at least once a year;
  • making recommendations in relation to the Programmes which will include changes to its delivery, content and structure for approval via appropriate channels in each Party;
  • setting key performance indicators to monitor the success of the Programmes and monitoring the same;
  • continued development of the Programmes and the addition of any new programmes related to the Programmes;
  • recommending any changes to this agreement as necessary;
  • recommending how the Programmes will appear in the Prospectus of each Party;
  • developing a marketing plan to publicise the Programmes and recruit students and ensuring the accuracy of any marketing, publicity and other promotional material relating to the Programmes;
  • advising on the assignment of a mentor/supervisor/personal tutor to each student at the commencement of each of the Programmes and establishing a mechanism whereby student progress may be monitored and remedial action taken where appropriate.

Previous meeting

BSc Management Committee (Tuesday, 27 August 2019, 11.00am - 1.00pm)