IS Risk Management Group Remit

The IS Risk Management Group will advise the IS Planning & Resources Group on the areas concerned with: " Risk management " Business continuity " Disaster Recovery 2. In particular the Group will be responsible for the production and review of the IS Risk Register as part of the annual planning round. 3. There are general disaster recovery/business continuity plans in place across IS. The Group will review these plans considering any changes required and potential extension to other areas 4. In the first instance, the Group will be convened by the IS representative to the University's Risk Management Committee. The Groups immediate task will be to review the IS risk management processes and to put in place a formal process for identifying, assessing and reporting on risk in line with the IS Strategic Plan. 5. The Group will present an annual report on the risk register to IS Strategic Management Group (IS-SMG).

Previous meeting

March 2014 (Monday, 10 March 2014, 2.00pm - 3.30pm)