University Health & Safety Committee Remit

Purpose To contribute to the development of policy, and monitor performance in all areas of occupational safety and health within the University. Remit - To oversee the implementation and operation of the University’s health and safety policy and arrangements, to ensure that key risks are identified, and that appropriate control measures are implemented. - To ensure that a suitable health and safety management structure is in place within the University, to maximise the protection of the health of staff, students and visitors. - To encourage the sharing of best practice within the University community with regard to occupational safety and health, and wellbeing, and providing a forum for discussion of issues of concern. - To monitor health and safety performance throughout the University, to ensure satisfactory legislative compliance. - To ensure that senior management is fully informed with regard to significant issues and developments in occupational safety and health, to ensure compliance with legislative and common law requirements. Full Terms of reference can be found at University Health and Safety Committee Terms of Reference

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Uni H&S Committee Meeting (Tuesday, 8 June 2021, 10.00am - 12.00pm)