Learning & Teaching Spaces Advisory Group Remit

LTSAG will advise the Space Management Group and propose strategies and plans for all aspects of learning, teaching and study spaces (LTSS) to ensure good quality infrastructure best suited to the needs of the University. It will provide a forum for consideration of these matters between academics and the relevant central services. Specifically LTSAG will: 1. Have regard to University and College learning and teaching and other strategies, School plans and pedagogic opportunities, making input to these during development and revision as appropriate. 2. In collaboration with Learning & Teaching Committee and the Institute for Academic Development, propose developments to support and encourage new pedagogy, ensuring that these are well communicated to staff and students through suitable forums and events. 3. Consider LTSS needs for UG, PGT and PGR including lecture/seminar space, libraries, computer and other laboratories and study/social spaces, whether or not centrally managed/resourced. 4. Ensure that post-implementation evaluation for effectiveness and impact are carried out on new learning and teaching space developments. 5. Work towards the improvement of the environment for staff and students for both study and social purposes, including facilities which support Schools identity/ethos/sense of community and interactions across disciplines. 6. Monitor utilisation of LTSS (including both space and equipment) in response to general utilisation data provided by Space Management Group, and advise the Space Management Group on how to improve space utilisation. 7. Be well-informed on LTSS developments within the University, monitor best practice across the international HE sector, and disseminate information widely within the University. 8. Recommend defined standards and propose plans to achieve good quality, predictable and reliable facilities in all LTSS, aiming to optimise their use for effective learning (through both formal teaching and informal study). 9. Advise central services in their prioritisation of investment in LTSS including refurbishments, equipment and services. 10. Advise on LTSS aspects of all capital projects in order to share ideas and gain experience. LTSAG will report to Space Management Group annually or more frequently if issues warrant it. The Convener of LTSAG or nominee will sit on Space Management Group. The Convener, if not already a member of the Estates Committee, will be able to bring to the attention of Estates Committee matters other than those related to space management, either in person by invitation or via the Vice Principal Knowledge Management. One member will be designated as Deputy Convener, necessary for SMG reporting.

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